Our most important milestones in one incredible timeline:


The moment of truth – Our Formation

Several months before the final formation of the Next Lead Generation GmbH we made the market changing decision to put together the strengths of the best divisions of the Magora Group to create this new company with explicit “New Media Channels” marketing background.

Our concrete goal was to bundle our most experienced specialists for programming and development as well as marketing and sales to create a company that is top performing in the sectors of  e-mail marketing solutions, retargeting solutions and deliverability of promotion to a perfectly selectable target group.

The Next Lead Generation (aka NLG) started with a fully in-house developed E-Mail sending service, delivery technology and targeting solution. We know what we do because we did it ourselves.


Lead Generation

High quality lead generation was the very first focus and completely independent professional area of the NLG. Eversince we have used efficient sources to generate new leads such as sweepstakes, facebook apps, topic relevant landingpages, datingproducts etc. We launched our first tests for lead generation over facebook when marketing over this social platform giant just took it’s first babysteps. This gave us incredible insight and superior knowledge in lead generation methods.

With this first steps, we made a clean cut between the adult related solutions of the Magora Group and the mainly mainstream focussed advertisement solutions of the NLG.

Effective and targeted mainstream advertising has defined our marketing solutions from that moment on.


External = internal

We were ready to offer our email marketing solutions to external customers and companies. A first few range marketing campaigns for external customers completed successfully. 2012 was the first year we exceeded a volume of a billion email deliveries.

Mobile Internet usage increased rapidly – the first newsletter for mobile devices was designed and delivered. Re-targeting and event-triggers were the new hot topics.


Up and away!

Our last year’s decisions proved to be correct. Our new cloud-based solution for email deliveries went online. For the first time, the delivery volume of external orders exceeded the internal ones. We also started doing business outside the DACH region and gained experience through international email campaigns. Re-targeting proved to be the next new potential line of business.

Furthermore we created a platform for monetisation of email addresses. This enabled us to establish a network of reliable owners of email lists in addition to our own email data base.

There were several approaches to Social Media Marketing on the market, few seemed useful from our point of view. A new division was created within Next Lead Generation. NLG henceforth covered the three areas of Email Marketing, Display Marketing and Social Media Marketing.


Our goals for 2015

  • Social Media Marketing products capture the market
  • We want to split our services into three areas: Buying traffic, Consulting and Provision of Marketing Tools
  • We launched a new product: AUDIENCE by NLG

We are a family of digital thinkers and innovators

Million E-Mail Subscribers
Billion E-Mails 2014
Million Mobile User
Million Audience Contacts

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