The latest software solutions

Almost all of the tools we use on a daily basis were designed and developed ourselves. Just like many other great companies we also employ open source solutions. Every week billions of records are processed in our fail-safe database clusters. Our developers operate on the latest technology, amongst them Elasticsearch, mongodb
and node.js, deployed at the best cloud services providers.

Our systems are constantly enhanced by our highly motivated and skilled developers, while ascertaining 100% stability and availability.
Project planning is done using the SCRUM methodology, while the design paradigm of “software as a service” heavily influences our new product developments.

Massive Computing Power

Processing data requires huge amounts of computing power. Deploying our services in the cloud ensures both the availability and scalability levels needed for our services, something we prioritised from the very beginning. By using cloud servers we can concentrate our efforts on developing our services instead of the technical infrastructure.

We have access to several data centres across Europe for the delivery of emails. Each data centre satisfies the latest standards in security and availability. We are very pleased with these providers which have become part of our success.

Countless emails

are transmitted from our mail servers every day. We have a dedicated team ensuring that each email arrives in a user’s inbox. Our configurations are adapted on a daily basis, since both email service providers and anti-spam services change their rules regularly.
All email deliveries are monitored 24/7, such that service interruptions for your campaigns are kept at a minimum.

The Deliverability-Team is in constant contact with with all well-known email service providers, they are the central place for complaints, delistings and list cleaning.

We trust in our technology!

There’s nothing like a stable platform. This is true for a building, a partnership and of course for providing a software service. We can rely on our technical solutions and are proud to offer the same reliability to our customers.


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