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Retarget your own visitors to get back paying customers!

How many visitors for your website leave without any interaction? Regain those customers with Audience by NLG and convert yesterday‘s visitors to customers of tomorrow. Audience by NLG enables you to send the right email at the right time to the right recipients having a potential interest in your products.

Stop investing money in low-performing marketing campaigns, instead integrate Audience by NLG on your website in just a few minutes. If our contacts navigate to your website, you can win them as customers through an email-campaign targeted at their specific requirements. This way you can lower the price of customer acquisition in a sustained manner.

AUDIENCE BY NLG: This is how it works

Max is looking to buy a new car. He checks out your website for information.

Max feels overwhelmed by the amount of info and leaves your website without any interaction.

Is Max still going to become your customer?

The answer is yes, since you integrated Audience by NLG on your website. Now, after a pre-defined period of time, you can send an individual offer to Max by e-mail.

Max received an individual offer from you by e-mail. Max‘s interest is  newly awoken and the offer is right on spot.

Max comes over to your showroom and buys his dream car.

Use Audience by NLG now to stop losing potential customers.

How many customers do you want?

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