Each mail is worth the money.

The Digitalpayment Gmbh wasn’t pleased with their email dunnings for quite some time. Therfor they assigned us to analyse their e-mail templates. After a short time period we were able to implement a considerable amount of improvements which resulted in a leaping success rate.

  • the timing of their e-mails was very different depending on the last payments that had taken place. It didn’t follow customer bevaviour in their everyday life. Dunnings take place at the beginnig of the month and international public holidays are now considered.
  • The dunnings were read by as many as 19 percent of the recipients on mobile devices – responsive templates provide an optimal customer experience.
  • The reminder caused lots of complaints. For that reason it was necessary to provide the subscribers with additional information displayed in a more transparent way.

By adopting these measures the Digitalpayment GmbH was able to reduce their pending receivables significantly.

Double the number of customers

In recent years one online casino after another pops out. A vast number of display – and email-campaigns lead new customers in the virtual world of gambling daily.

But how can these sites use new online marketing techniques? Admiral Casinos asked themselves this question too and we were able to elaborate a joint solution with them: We sent a GEO by NLG campaign for some casinos within a 150-kilometre radius and promoted upcoming events.

The success of the emails made itself felt instantly. Some of the casinos recorded a doubling of their visitors some days after our campaign started – not only at the announced events. They realized that not only the events themselves but also the mere announcement of their site plays a central role in regional marketing.

Insuperable obstacles? Let us help you!

We have 12 years of experience in email marketing and are happy to share these competences with you. Do you want to start your own email marketing program? Do you need technical assistance? Are there any problems concerning your email deliverability? Aren’t you able to bulid up your own email marketing environment due to a lack of know-how or resources?


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