Email Deliverability Best Practices

Email is at the heart of communication for today’s business, and deliverability can make or break the success of any email campaign.

The mail delivery itself changed a lot over the past ten to fifteen years. Nowadays almost everybody has at least one email address and through smartphones and other mobile devices these accounts are highly accessible. Although social media accounts like Facebook ant twitter get more and more important, there are three times as many email accounts and email has a longer lifespan.
So communication gets instantaneous but it is also easy that one message escapes the subscribers notice.

So there are several issues to focus on for getting emails into inboxes:
Besides the technical setup which includes infrastructural (as SPF, DKIM and DMARC) and legal requirements (double opt-in data, unsubscription link) you have to keep your list clean and engage with customers. Addressing list hygiene you have to validate the addresses and keep it clean by using an automated bounce management and feedback loop enrollments. Additionally we decided to send over dedicated IPs and our email list is segmented by recipient engagement level. So if user engagement is bad purging these long term inactives also helps to avoid spam trap hits.

All these measures ensure to keep your sender reputation (sender score) high but what the 2015 Email Evolution Conference in Miami revealed was that deliverability has become personalized. So the ISPs meant that reputation is not the sole factor that decides on inbox placement but rather interests and engagements on a subscriber by subscriber basis. So its vitally important to increase user engagement by sending dynamic and valuable content consistently to answer subscribers expectations.

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